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Using the ScanNCut to Prototype Stencils

You may or may not know that when my prototype stencils arrive from The Crafter's Workshop, I sometimes need to make changes to them.  Timeline wise that usually means that there isn't enough time between when I make changes and when sample artwork is due to get new prototypes.

What to do?!  How can I make projects without the right stencils?!

In the past, I've hand cut new ones or I've just sucked it up and made samples with the wrong ones (which is often confusing to the buyer). Well, this time around I used my ScanNCut to cut the fixed designs!  I was a little bit worried about cutting such intricate designs (normally cut by lasers), but I was blown away by how well the ScanNCut handled the designs.

I cut the stencils out of transparencies. Here's an example of a super intricate one:

I mean, look at the size of my fingers compared to the size of that stencil!  The photos are way bigger than actual size.  It's amazing!  

And here you can see the stencil in action:


Pretty cool to see how easily the ScanNCut can cut a super intricate design out of plastic!  I've got 8 new 12x12 and 6x6 designs and 5 new Balzer Bits coming your way.  I'll do a big reveal and share them all as soon as they're up and for sale (sometime in the next month or so)!  Wheeeee!

Thanks for stopping by!