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Inktober 2015: Part One

Two Amazing Linoleum Art Videos

I stumbled across two fabulous videos from the 1950s.  Both deal with making art with linoleum!  First up is this video about lino cutting:

Lino cutting is very similar to stamp carving.  I think it's more difficult than stamp carving because linoleum is a tougher material.  On the other hand, because linoleum is a tougher material, the blocks are very hardy.  If you're interested in trying linoleum cutting, you can find a little starter kit that includes the block, the tools, ink, etc here.

The second video is all about creating mosaics and other home decor items with colored linoleum!

As soon as I finished the video I immediately started a search to see what else I could find on the topic.  

Procuring Linoleum Tiles: I started to get confused because searching for linoleum tile I came across a lot of vinyl tile.  Is it the same thing?  The answer is no. Here's an article about the difference.  Unfortunately, I didn't find a lot of places where you could buy brightly colored linoleum (not vinyl) tiles in bright colors.  There are some on etsy and ebay.  But you can find plenty of vinyl tile.  A lot of it is in natural stone and wood colors/patterns.  But I think playing with some of the wood-like stuff could be quite cool!  Also, I assume you could buy samples or remnants from a flooring store.

Instructions: I found these instructions online for a kids project making a linoleum mosaic.  

Artwork: I found an artist named Bill Miller who makes lots of linoleum mosaics.

Here's one of his pieces:


Have you every played with linoleum?  What are uses have you found for it?  I'd love to know!

Thanks for stopping by!