Quick Figure Drawing Sketches at the Boston Figurative Art Center
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Inspired by Retail Displays

During a recent visit to New York City I was struck by how artful so many of the retail displays were.  I came away with tons of inspiration:

  • inspiring color combinations -- and maybe some inspiration to use colors I stay away from, like brown.
  • inspiring pattern ideas -- I love the patterns on the pillows towards the end of the post.
  • inspiring display/photography ideas -- natural elements like plants, wood, and stone all really help to bring out the "pretty."
  • inspiring shapes -- love that sort of wooden figure eight behind the overalls.
  • inspiring icons -- eyes, feathers, elephants, cats, bugs...so many cool things to draw!
  • inspiring project ideas -- I particularly love the glass feathers, the wire word, and the beaded lampshades.
  • inspiring materials to try out -- using used brushes as art objects or how about all that wood?!

My head was just swimming with ideas and so I wanted to share my photos and see if they sparked a similar reaction in you!

From the Balzer Designs Blog: Inspired by Retail Displays
From the Balzer Designs Blog: Inspired by Retail Displays

What one idea are you going to take away from these photos?  Share it in the comments section so that we can all learn from your inspiration!

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