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Life around here has been busy but happy. So many creative projects going on! I think the chaos is my house reflects my busy schedule. Or at least, that's my excuse for dirty dishes in the sink! Take a peek: Doesn't everyone have a unicorn balloon in their living room?! (For the whole story, click here.) Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. Carve December starts tomorrow! Read more →

Hurray and hurrah! You've been asking for it and now you've got it. With the latest firmware update (free for all ScanNCut owners), you can now fill in what you've drawn. And not only can you fill it in, you can fill it with a pattern. There are five patterns to choose from and you can make adjustments to the angle and width of separation. These are all at their default. Watch the video for the how to: Are you already imagining the possibilities?! Whether it's a built-in design, custom design, or text, you can use your ScanNCut's draw function... Read more →

My sweet friend Nathalie is once again offering her fabulous Creative JumpStart online course. Creative JumpStart (CJS) is an intensive month-long creativity kick in the pants. You'll learn techniques, explore art supplies, and connect with other artists and crafters. Throughout January 2017, participants get access to 27 downloadable videos from 27 featured artists: Personally, I love the fact that all of the CJS instructional videos are between 7 and 10 minutes. That means that they're easy-to-watch and easy-to-digest. You can find out more information about the workshop HERE. $10 off right now! You get 27 videos for just $40 if... Read more →

If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, there is a short introduction here. All of the previous posts can be found archived here. Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day! No need to finish anything or even like it. If you've done some art journaling this week, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek. Even if you're not on social media, you can see everything (from twitter, pinterest, instagram, and facebook) that uses that hashtag here. Hello! my name is Rae Missigman and I am thrilled and honored to... Read more →

How is it possible that this is only canvas #36?! I must not be counting everything because I'm pretty sure I've painted more than that. But, anyway, as I promised during yesterday's journey-of-a-painting post, here is the finished painting: And my hand for scale: It's a bit hard to tell in photos, but the painting is wildly textured (thanks in part to all of the layers): There are two things in this painting that I took away from my time at Golden Artist Educator Training: (1) Use a lot of paint. It's okay. I am stingy with my paint. It's... Read more →

I finished a new painting! It took me about six months. Long journey, right? The good news is that I absolutely love it. The bad news is that you don't get to see it until tomorrow. Today is simply about the journey. I came back from Australia in May and was all creatively charged up. I wanted to paint! And so I did: But then things got busy. I started working on projects for Make It Artsy and the painting pretty much became a cool background for photos. Some time during the summer I decided to attack the canvas once... Read more →

At long last, here it is, the final installment of photos from Quilt Festival 2016 in Houston. Grab a beverage and enjoy the eye candy! Personally, I'm so excited by all these quilts that I signed up for a quilting class to get me back into the sewing habit. I hope you feel inspired too! Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. The winner of the ScanNCut Embossing Starter Kit and Grafix Shrink Film is... Congratulations, Lynda! Send me your mailing address and I'll get that prize out to you! Read more →

There's no Art Journal Every Day post today. But, don't worry! I'll be back next week with more art journaling fun! In the meantime, I've got a great project with an awesome giveaway to get you in the holiday mood! Today I've got a fun project for you that involves cutting, drawing, embossing, shrinking, curling, and having a good time with it all! Master the ScanNCut skills in this project and you can do anything! Watch the video for the how to: And here's a closer look at that adorable shrink film wreath embellishment: I love the way the pattern... Read more →

Four Cool Video Tutorials

You guys! I love the interwebs. So many magical and generous people out there sharing their time and talent. As you know, I've been on the road almost non-stop this month, so I've had plenty of airport time in which to browse the internet. Here are four videos I thought you might enjoy as much as I did: Marbling with Acrylics: I particularly like how she bangs the canvas on the table to get the marbled effect to really take. Tea Cup Cookies: These blew my mind. What?! Those are cookies!!!!!????? Decalcomania Glue Paint Symmetry Prints: This technique looks easy... Read more →