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#CarveDecember 2016 is Coming!

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember

You guys, I mentioned this in the monthly Balzer Designs newsletter, but #CarveDecember is coming!!  Hooray!

What is #CarveDecember?

It's a super fun month-long challenge to carve a stamp every single day in December.  The stamps can be little...


from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember


from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember


from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember
...stand alone...

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember
...or part of a set...

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #CarveDecember

You can spend hours each day or just half-an-hour making stamp magic.  Really?  Yes, you can carve a fairly large and complex stamp in less than 30 minutes from start-to-finish.

If you've never carved a stamp, I guarantee that it's easier than you think!  If you need help:

  • There are lots of free tutorials online for carving stamps.  Just do a google search and you'll find videos and tutorials galore!
  • I have an excellent online stamp carving class called Stamp Carving 101.  It's 30% off through December 1, 2016 if you use the code: Carve2016
  • I wrote a fantastic full color book that covers everything in Stamp Carving 101 plus lots of complicated pattern making (made simple, of course).  Buy Carve Stamp Play and get carving!

If you wish you can post your stamps with the hashtag #carvedecember so that other people can see what you've created!  I hope you'll join me for all the fun!

My favorite stamp carving supplies: 

 Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. More quilts coming tomorrow, but you can get a peek at some quilts in a video format if you watch this week's Julie's World Vlog:

The quilts start around the 2:42 mark.  Enjoy!