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Four Cool Video Tutorials

You guys!  I love the interwebs.  So many magical and generous people out there sharing their time and talent.  As you know, I've been on the road almost non-stop this month, so I've had plenty of airport time in which to browse the internet.  Here are four videos I thought you might enjoy as much as I did:

Marbling with Acrylics:

I particularly like how she bangs the canvas on the table to get the marbled effect to really take.

Tea Cup Cookies:

These blew my mind.  What?!  Those are cookies!!!!!?????

Decalcomania Glue Paint Symmetry Prints:

This technique looks easy and fun and I had never heard of glue paint before.  I'm wondering if you can get the same effect with regular acrylics?

Dendritic Monoprinting:

Can't lie, this video is a little slow to watch.  But, the technique is easy and exciting and I want to try it! 

Which of these video tutorials was your favorite?

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