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Blog Testimonials: Part Four

AJED Blogiversary Archive Pick: Process Videos


Everyone loves a process video, right?  I don't know what it is, but I get mesmerized just watching the paint fly and shapes emerge.  It's magical.  As you have noticed from the past month of sharing, the Balzer Designs archives are deep.  So, I've chosen just six videos -- one from each year I've been posting them.









It's fascinating to see the evolution of not only my art style, but my video skills!  Some things that are definitely consistent over time:

  • lots of color
  • lots of layers
  • lots of stamping
  • lots of stenciling
  • lots of pattern

I believe that we are consistent as artists.  Things simply become more refined over time.  It's like how babies are born with a personality.  They're not blank slates.  As artists, we already have a style.  Time and practice help us to hone and draw out that style.

I hope you feel inspired to do a bit of art journaling after watching these videos.  I know that I'm feeling inspired by some of the older techniques I don't use that often anymore.  Time to get out those book pages!

Thanks for stopping by!