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Blog Testimonials: Part Three

Can you believe that the month is almost over?  January has been flying by and while a month seems like a long time, it has been really hard to narrow ten years of posting into less than 20 posts.  But it has been an excellent opportunity for some self reflection and your e-mail testimonials have helped me with that.  Whether reading about your own journeys or your recaps of my journey, I've been reminded that this blog is a space for all of us to grow -- artistically -- and as it turns out -- personally too! 

Laura Miller:


I’m a huge fan. I appreciate your “no rules” approach to art journaling and your combination of trying art techniques while also writing down those pesky thoughts that get stuck in our heads. I’ve taken classes with Dina, who has a similar philosophy, and Dyan but it’s your blog that inspires me to “Art Journal Every Day.” I don’t get to it EVERY day but it’s always ready for me and has gotten me through several transitions lately including (abrupt) job changes and sending beloved Little Ones off to college. Stamping a card or scrapbooking just doesn’t touch me emotionally the same way as art journaling.

Most recently, your podcasts have inspired me as I’m working toward a personal training certification and considering options for the future. The discussions trend toward how to start a small business, which I really appreciate.

Around Thanksgiving, I set up a friend’s teenage daughter with a mini art journal after she pulled a ticket out of her pocket and smiled at it remembering a trip she took last year. I recommend your website to anyone who needs a little creative outlet, for example, to my Weight Watchers friends as part of the balanced approach to “Finding your Me.”

Thank you for being there and making it easy.

Hugs to your fabulous mom,

p.s. Dina says you’re a “potty mouth” hee hee

p.p.s. Embarassingly, I still haven’t figured out my ScanNCut so it’s good to hear I’m not the only one.

Thank you,
Laura Miller

Sandy M:

Your blog has introduced me to art museums that I will never have the opportunity to visit. I love your camaraderie with other artists and enjoy seeing photos of your travels. My only craft is card making, but I find your mixed media tutorials very interesting.

Although I am a much older person than you (72) I feel I have a blog friend with great artistic talent and enthusiasm. I have learned that art is therapeutic and it is okay to have some imperfections.
My introduction to zentangle was when I saw you recycle packing material to use as wrapping paper. Love the way you challenge yourself to try new techniques and products. You have been an inspiration in many ways.

It is good to see your mom working and traveling with you, too. Congratulations on your 10 year Blogiversary.

Nichole Dyer:

You inspired me to travel to NYC so that I could learn stamp carving from you in your home.  One of my favorite memories in my art journey.

Claire MacDonald:

Congratulations!! Thank you so much for what you give to us so freely. I have a ScanNCut and I also like to do gelli printing. I have yet to get all the supplies, but really learn a lot from your videos you are always so cheerful and i love how you explain things visually. Thanks for all you do!!

Surrey, B.C. Canada


Julie you are always an inspiration. No matter what you are doing you make it fun. That is what you have instilled in worry less about what to create and just do what makes you happy!

Thank you so much for always making me smile with your art and sharing. Hugs!


Your blog has reminded me to take more joy in the process rather than getting caught up in the final product (and the fear of failure and not getting perfection on the first try.) You have reminded me about taking time for museums and to just look for the inspiration all around me. Most of all...I am inspired by your zest for for life!

Glotia Budz:

Hello, I am a fairly new follower. I am an art educator and happened upon your site browsing the net. I believe one of the first published stories I saw was the huge table you bought for $5 and painted with an incredible floral pattern. And also showed how that can become a surface pattern on just about ... Anything I know that industry is booming and I try to make my students see the possibilities for creative careers. If they choose to do so. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing all that you do. I enjoyed the quilt show pics very much. And I am signed up for CreativeJumpstart. That workshop has been shared with my entire department. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. Happy Anniversary!

Chris Tessnear:

My pleasure To share how your blog and creative work has inspired me greatly.  

I first watched you on Scrapbook Soup then my local PBS stations quiet showing it and I was sad.

I had dial up internet at the time but now have a faster service and look at all the Julie Fei-Fan Balzer I can find.

Your work, techniques and happy encouraging style always grabs me and makes me want to make better art.

I shared the now popular idea of carving stamps from Styrofoam trays a few years back. I am now a Gelli Addict.

I always enjoy trying new ideas you share and from the attached photo you can see just how much your work influences mine.

I have become and EYE addict too. When I need another element and wonder what Julie would add, I do an eye.

Having had work published several times now I continue to allow your ideas to inspire me and make my work brighter and exciting.

Best wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year. I will await anxiously to see what new fun you will offer.


Chris Tessnear

Alexis, NC


approximately 3 years ago i found julie fei fan balzer! what a breath of fresh air! see i had given up on my art, even though i longed for it, my perfectionism had taken its toll and art stopped being fun for me.  when i found julie and her, "  the point of mixed media IS to make a mess!, perfectionism is overrated! and it doesn't look handmade if it's perfect! " WOW....  I'M HAVING AN  IPIFANY HERE!     i put my art studio back together, ive been buying all kinds of fun stuff, I'm taking art classes and art is fun again! like alot of fun again.  so thanks julie!


Maria Abraham:

Hi Julie, I have been following you for so long that I don't even remember how I found you in the first place. I think you were still associated, or at least talking about the Milk Can Theatre Company.

In any case, I was attracted to your art because of the exuberance of your design and color choices and your fearlessness about trying new things.. By watching you I got the courage to start making marks. I took some of your on-line classes, yours and others, the last one being the Junque Journal (that was so much fun!!!), and tried everything in the book: acrylics, watercolors, stenciling, art journaling, zentangling, gel printing, you name it. The only thing I did not get into is scrap-booking.I am kind of minimalist when it comes to photographs. I am not good at any one thing but I am having the time of my life. Not only that I have become a proselytizer. I convince friends and co-workers that they need to journal and make art for their sanity's sake. Most follow my advice and thank me for it.
I have seen you grown as a person and seen you face your challenges with grace and aplomb.
I am sixty four years old and looking forward to my retirement a year from now so I can play more with all my supplies. My sons tease that if I have to use all my supplies before I die, I will live forever.... So, congratulations on your blogiversary and I hope you keep us inspired for many many more years.
Thank you for the inspiration,
Maria Abraham
Utica, NY
Sally  Veauta (Votaw):
Hi from Northern California, Julie

I really look forward to your blog Each AM

I save it to read 4 the very last

that is How much I enjoy it.

Very colorful & V motivating!

And almost personal.

Ruth Luther:
Well I started reading your blog right after I started scrapbooking. I didn't like the layouts in the scrapping magazines, then I found you and scrapping was fun. You showed me I could do it my way, not your way or anyone else's, my way. So cool, by being yourself I found myself. Thank you 
Shirley Smith:
I look forward each day to the moment when I welcome you into my home, to read the latest episode in your crafting life, to admire your work and sometimes to pay a virtual visit to the States and perhaps a visit to a gallery or museum which I will never otherwise get to. I love your talent, your enthusiasm and your ability to instruct so clearly and in such a friendly way. I congratulate you on your anniversary and thank you for all the knowledge I have gained from you. Long may you continue in the same vein!
Nancy Kvorka:
Hi Julie, I have been following you for a few years now. I am inspired by your work, your color sense and your enthusiasm for what you do. I learn a lot reading your blog posts. I learn about new products I have subsequently purchased or how to use products I have and how to use your stencils. I love your posts about museums and how many pictures you share. I have learned of new artists that way and from your blog posts. I have taken a few of your online classes (one through your site, the others through the group classes you have participated in or Interweave) and missed attending one of your recent live classes in San Jose due to work commitments. I look forward each day to reading your blog. I rarely miss any. Finally, I look forward to continued art goodness and lessons through you through your blog and classes and maybe a new book sometime? Yes, I have that too, although stamp carving is hard on my hands so I rarely do it. I hope if you get back to A Work of Heart in Sunnyvale, I can try to take a class again and maybe this time, take the days off!
Thank you,
Nancy Kvorka
Sunnyvale, CA
Sue Schneider:
Julie is a fantastic inspiration to me!  I’m new to art journaling and actually all art media.  She has helped me let go of the fear I’ve had my whole life that I can’t do art.  I CAN do art and I do create amazing things all the time.  I entered a contest last year and won 2 of Julie’s stencils!  I use them all the time to make beautiful gelli prints, cards and entries in the art journal.  My granddaughter now joins me in the studio.  We watch the tutorials of different media and have so much fun exploring and creating.  Thank you Julie for your dedication, energy, down to earth teaching style and fun manner in which you share your ideas. Congrats on 10 years of inspiring artists!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and write and make me a part of your artful life.  It's much appreciated!