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Today I asked my assistant Suzanne to share her favorites from the archives.  She put together a wonderful list of posts not to miss!  Thank you, Suzanne!

Over the past few months I've been collecting some of the posts from the past 10 years of Julie's blog.  I went page by page (which is no small feat considering posts are almost daily) and have the list below to share with you today. They are in order from oldest to newest.  Some of these are even ones other folks have highlighted or redone for the Blogiversary, because great minds think alike!  I focused mainly on technique, advice, cool stuff posts.  I've added my commentary to each link, see if you see the patterns I did in the posts I chose.

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Adhesive Review - I thought this was a great way to share the changes 10 years makes.  What are your go-to adhesives? Lately I've been using a Pioneer Glue Stick and am impressed so far! -S

My Favorite Pen - Personally, ever since Zentangle entered my life, the Sakura Micon Pens have been my favorite as well.  -S

Scrapbook Organization - I'll confess, I am a sucker for organization (as is Julie) - but her set up takes the cake!  I loved her posts about organizing, but seeing it in person, and working with it, it's pretty incredible.  I've since reorganized my small home after being at Julie's and realizing how much it helps (even though it can be tedious to get your butt to clean and tidy)! -S

2Daisies Designs - Check out the post, the pictures of the projects speak for themselves. - S

Altered Pencil Lines - Again, Julie and I have a huge love for quotes.  I loved the background, too!-S

Ch-ch-ch-changes! - Part of me loves looking at the past, especially when you can see the growth of your skills.  The best part, is even though we see changes in Julie's work, you still have similarities and style. -S 

The Scrapbooking Products that I Use  - Many of the products I know are still regulars in Julie's work.  -S

Paper Marbling with Chalk - One of the many unique tutorials on the blog.  Have you tried it? -S

Valentine's Day tutorial Thursday - I love the look of quilling, but haven't tried it much. The card Julie makes reminds me of doodling with paper! -S

Valentine's Day yutorial Tuesday - Again, super cool card technique.  I imagine you could use gelli plate scraps, or book pages, or scrapbook paper strips as well. -S

Butterfly Obsessed - If you know me, you know I lean towards owls and birds over butterflies. But the place cards on the cups here, are amazing! -S

Make a Bag from a Paper Envelope - This was just too neat not to share. -S

Print in Three Parts - Ah the poppies! The three part print is a classic. -S

Art Journal Every Day - The birth of AJED 10/20/2010 -S

On Confidence and Creating - A subject near and dear to my heart.  Personally, I have engulfed a bit of technique via classes (online and in-person), books, DVDs, Pinterest pins, YouTube videos, Ustream sessions, blogs, etc.  Guess how many finished pieces I have to show? (Answer: very, very few) This post rings even more true ever since I have started to take on a challenge (via @DrawRiot on Instagram).  My daily art challenge has been going strong every day this year.  I can say with full confidence, it has helped me more than I ever could have imagined!  Doesn't have to be perfect, and doesn't have to follow the prompt to the letter but, man, I feel proud of my work so far!  Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, and relatively funny at times.  Check it out here Suzanne @Concernedowl on Instagram. -S

Colorful Garbage ATCs - Remember what I said about great minds? I love this, and I'm clearly not alone.  Check out Gwen's redo of this tutorial from 2011: Blogiversary Tutorial Redo -S

Super Quick Tutorial Book Page Tape - There is something satisfying about using up scraps.  This tape technique is great. I wonder if it would work with gelli scraps? -S

Forty-Eight Hours - I picked this in hopes Julie would make an updated peek, who seconds my idea? -S

A Scrapbook Page - Just loved this final project, the color bits with the black & white contrast=love! -S

Trying an Abstract - What was the story, the title? Did you guess all those years ago? -S

Tutorial Fabric Bracelet - If only I knew how to sew, I'd make that bracelet first. -S

Five Truths - Pretty sure these still hold true for Julie.  I know that cup holder still is in the studio, actually I think there are three total in the Balzer homestead. -S

DIY Canvas Necklace - That necklace is on my to-do list (once again). Guess what color would be dominant in my version? -S

DIY Paper Bag Book Cover - My textbook covers were never this cool.  Great way to add a cover to your journal though.  You could even add text to the spine for easy retrieval from the bookshelf! -S

Super Easy Watercolor Portraits - Watercolors are trendy once again, I'd say. -S

iPhone Camera Apps - Love my iPhone, and Instagram is my favorite App. I also use Pic Stitch for collage.  What are your favorite apps? -S

Leather Burned Cuffs - Another trendy craft, burning things.  Hmm..that doesn't sound right... I have smaller wrists, so customizable wrist accoutrements are great. -S

Brother ScanNCut Shadow Box - Another reminder my to-do list is longer than I am tall. -S

Stamped Place Cards - I am now realizing I am drawn to three things while making this list; 1 - I really like place cards, 2  - that leave motif is one of my favorites, 3 - personalization is very endearing. -S

AJED How I Start - Starting is often the hardest part. -S

Embosses Foam Distress Paint Tutorial - So awesome! Those earrings are superb.  -S

Doodled Soap Dispenser - If you have to look at something every day, why not make it pretty? -S

4 Paintings Become a Tote Bag - I might really have to pick up sewing. Need your own tote with Julie's art? You can always get a printed one from Balzer Designs on Society6. -S

Stenciling Live Stendoodling - Stendoodling is going on my to-do list, and will be used as a hashtag! -S

Pop-up Place Cards for Passover - Guess I really do have an obsession with place cards. These are so awesome, though. They are definitely something I would keep forever! -S

Two Little Books - These would also be cute for kids learning colors, numbers, alphabets, etc. -S

AJED Bleeding Art Tissue - The look of almost tie-dye with less mess. They are easy to find, and I might have just ordered this Bleeding Art Tissue package to try. -S

AJED Foil Tape Tutorial - Using up recyclables to add a foiled quote? All the yes. -S

ScanNCut Portrait Boxes - This might pair well with the watercolor portrait tutorial, too! -S

Valentine's Day Explosion Card - Love the impact this card makes! -S

AJED Striped Heart Pattern - I'm a sucker for the bold Black and White with pops of color! -S

Letterpress with Balzer Bits & Sun Printing with your stencils - Two posts that prove there always more than one way to use stencils.  Think outside the box! -S

AJED Fabric Scrap Cover - If you didn't like the paper bag option as a cover for your journal, here's a fabric version. -S

Shoe Redo Paiinted High-Tops - Proof that anything can be your canvas, even wearables. -S

AJED Journal with Woodburned Covers - Okay, so paper and fabric aren't your jam for covering your journal?  Make your own with some panels and a woodburner! -S

AJED Two pages Built on Magazine Images - I'm pretty timid when it comes to drawing faces.  This is a great way to practice and add faces to your art journal. -S

ScanNCut Project Layered Greeting Card - Personalized cards for all the occasions! -S 

Julie & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat - Love this coat, and it looks spectacular in person.  Also this was one of my first attempts at being Julie's personal paparazzi! I also whetted my photography skills in taking the close-ups as well. -S 

Pysanky Eggs - Spring isn't too far away, is it? This was a new-to-me tutorial for egg decorating. -S

Rainbow Roll Technique - Who doesn't love a rainbow? Not me! ROYGBIV for the win. -S

ScanNCut Flipbook - Flipbooks are reminiscent of childhood.  They are just magical. -S

Two ScanNCut Stamp Techniques - I haven't made stamps with my SNC yet, but that feather stamp is calling my name! -S

Artful Binder Clip Phone Stand - Super cool way to artify a phone stand! -S

Cowboy Boot Birthday Card - I'll admit it, I'm not a country music gal. But that boot is very cute.  I love the garland inside, too! -S

Two Personalized Birthday Gifts - Because, of course I'd have to brag about my handmade gift.  It took me about 6 months to wear it and get paint on it! -S

Sashiko/Japanese Boro Jeans - Embroidery is another on-trend craft. Here's one spiffy way to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Yup, I just used spiffy in a sentence. -S

Two Tri-Fold Cards - Want to impress someone? Make one of these for their birthday or to just say hello. They look super complicated, but your ScanNCut will be doing most of the work. -S

Chipboard Earrings 4 Ways - One of the crafty bits I love are these chipboard pieces, also the wooden ones.  I have a massive stash of them. Time to put them to use and make them into earrings! -S

Stencil and Stamp Bumping - I love this bumping technique. I might be partial though, I helped making these samples.  I hadn't thought of bumping with ArtFoamies until Julie showed it to me. -S

ArtFoamies + Reindeer Head = Awesome - I really hope Target has these again this winter! This was very fun to make! -S

ScanNCut Techniques for You - Love the look of woodwork, but afraid to use a burner?  Get a similar look using your SNC to etch wood!  Julie also shows how to draw with your SNC (I personally love the look of using book pages to draw or paint on to). -S

AJED Dealing with Journal Envy - While I don't art journal much, this advice rings true in almost any craft, painting, or art piece. -S

ScanNCut Project: Decorated Cookies -  Stencils + frosting = Pretty Edibles! -S

The Long Journey of a Painting - Process pictures or videos are one of my favorite things. Julie takes us along one of the paintings she recently created. -S

ScanNCut Project: Three-Dimensional Eiffel Tower Ring Holder - Such a cool way to showcase your rings! -S

Dash line breakAnd this last link is not sequential like the rest.  Here's my Podcast chat with Julie and her mom, Eileen. The post also has some other info and art about me, in case you didn't know or were curious about me. 

Adventures in Arting Chatting with Suzanne Sicuranza

Here's one of my favorite pictures.  Who'd have known when that picture was taken, it would speak to the future Balzer Designs team.


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