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ScanNCut: Panda Umbrella, Cleaning Your Scanner Glass & Making Multiples

Today I've got ScanNCut tutorial videos for you!.  The first video is based on a common question I get: There's a line or a mark on my screen when I scan things.  How do I fix that?

Well, it's as easy as cleaning your scanner glass!  Watch the video for the how to: 

Most of the time when you see videos of me creating with my ScanNCut, I show you how to make one of something.  Even if I end up with twelve of that thing in the end, all you see in the video is how to make one.  So, I decided to create a workflow video where I make a multitude of horse place cards.

Watch the video for all of my tips on creating multiples of something super fast when working with your ScanNCut:

Finally, I've got a project that I think you're going to love.  It's an easy peasy technique for making your own personalized umbrella!

I gave my friend Ashlie a panda umbrella and she posted an adorable video of her jumping around in the rain with it:


I can't stand the rain (but this panda umbrella by @balzerdesigns makes it better) 🐼

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I'm hoping that April showers bring May flowers.  How about you?

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I am a paid spokesperson for the Brother ScanNCut.  It is a machine I love and use.  All opinions are my own.