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Make It Artsy Projects-in-Process

For the past few weeks I have been hard at work on some awesome projects for the upcoming season of Make It Artsy TV.  

Currently, you can view the show on some PBS stations, online, or by purchasing the season DVDs (only $39.99 for four discs of crafty arty awesome instruction).  And, I have been told that it will be carried on the CREATE Network beginning this Fall.  Yay!

Here is a segment from season 2 of Make It Artsy:

Watch more segments from the show HERE.

And here's a sneak peek at some projects for season three in progress:

I'm working on a massive partyscape packed with handmade goodies and hand patterned papers:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #makeitartsytv

I've got Suzanne slaving away, painting on aprons:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #makeitartsytv

There's screen printed fabric:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #makeitartsytv

...and Bullet Journaling:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #makeitartsytv

...and mixed media layers:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: #makeitartsytv
And so much more!  

I'm really excited for the shoot (starts today) for season 3.  I'll be posting pics on instagram and facebook and I'll share a wrap-up of the shoot here on the blog next week!  Wish me luck!

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