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Three Articles About Museum Movers & Shakers

As you know, I go to a lot of museums.  I also enjoy reading about museums, and especially the people behind museum experiences.  Here are three articles about "museum people" -- for lack of a better term -- that I thought you might enjoy reading too!

The Most Powerful Woman in the New York Art World


Her name is Lisa Phillips and she is the director of the New Museum in Lower Manhattan -- a museum that I have never been to, by the way.  But, it's definitely on my list now.

Metropolitan Museum's Director Resigns Under Pressure


They say there are five great art museums in the world: The Met, MoMA, The Prado, The Louvre, and the Hermitage.  It was therefore quite shocking to discover Thomas P. Campbell's sudden departure from the Met and the serious financial problems of the museum so long regarded as a cultural institution.

Peabody Essex Museum Hires Neuroscientist to Enhance Visitor Experience


Her name is Tedi Asher and I'm super excited by what she's going to be doing.  In fact, I'm encouraged to renew my Peabody Essex museum membership (recently lapsed) because I want to see the changes!

Hope you found these three articles as interesting as I did.  I think it's important to know who the people are who are making the decisions about what art is "important" and how it should be presented to the public.  As democratized as some aspects of art are, museums remain a very particular kind of place.  Knowing who is behind the choices helps me to view museum art with perspective.

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