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Unfinished Conversations: New Work from the Collection at MoMA

A June Visit to MoMA

On my recent trip to New York City I ducked into MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) for a few hours of happy art wandering.  I saw two great exhibits (which I will share over the next two days) plus I got to visit the permanent collection, the Louise Lawler exhibit, and take a second look at the Rauschenberg exhibit (today's photos).

(Side note: What is a "Permanent Collection?" It is the art that the museum owns -- as opposed to borrows for a specific exhibit.  Most museums have certain exhibit spaces where they show the highlights of their permanent collection year round.)

One of the things I love about MoMA is that they move things around.  Their permanent collection is so vast that they can remove one fabulous Cezanne painting and replace it with another equally fabulous Cezanne painting.  As I went through the permanent collection, I snapped photos of work that was new to me -- and maybe a few favorites too.  Take a peek:

From the Balzer Designs Blog: June Visit to MoMA
From the Balzer Designs Blog: June Visit to MoMA
From the Balzer Designs Blog: June Visit to MoMA
From the Balzer Designs Blog: June Visit to MoMA

I had seen a lot of photos from the Louise Lawler exhibit online and it looked fantastic.  In person, I found it a little underwhelming, despite the scale of the work.  Perhaps my expectations were too high?  If I hand't seen so much on social media I might have walked in expecting nothing and been delighted.  Expectations are a funny thing. Judge for yourself:

From the Balzer Designs Blog: June Visit to MoMA

I used my second visit to the Robert: Rauschenberg: Among Friends exhibit to watch all of the videos I had skipped on my first pass through.  I loved them.  Especially the dance pieces.  You can see one of them in my vlog around the 6:44 mark HERE.  I also stopped and looked -- really looked -- at some of the less superficially impressive pieces, like the one below:

From the Balzer Designs Blog: June Visit to MoMA

Above, you can see a video still from the exhibit.  One video plays on a transparent piece of hanging fabric while another one runs on the wall -- 15 feet away.  Fascinating.

It was a fantastic visit and I'm excited to share some of my other finds with you tomorrow!

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