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Summer of Love Exhibit at the MFA Boston

I recently attended the Opening Night Party for the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Museum Council.  Every guest was randomly assigned to a half hour tour with a curator.  I have to be 100% honest and say that I groaned a bit when I found out that I was on the "Summer of Love" tour.  It wasn't an exhibit that seemed particularly interesting to me.

SummerOfLove-wm always, when you get to meet a curator -- a person who is geeked out about the exhibit -- everything becomes interesting!  


It's a small exhibit -- mostly posters and album covers...

...along with some photographs from the time period.

I, of course, was drawn to some of the artwork by a favorite motif:

I appreciated that the exhibit gave some information on historical art that led to this style of work.


(Check out more of Josef Albers work here.)  A poster in similar colors:

My biggest take away from the exhibit was the typography of Wes Wilson.


Wilson became famous for his psychedelic lettering, which was based on lettering by turn-of-the-century artist, Alfred Roller.  You can download fonts based on both Roller and Wilson's (also here) typography work.

I love the way he fills the space with type.  This...

BEST-BG18 probably his most famous typography poster.  No photographic or drawn image, but using the type to create the image of fire.  It's an idea that I want to play with in my own work!

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