Around Here: January 2018
Adventures in Arting Podcast: Creativation

100 Canvases: Canvas #42: The Giant Tar Paper Face

I have discovered a new material that I looooove working on: Tar Paper -- often called roofing felt.  Artist, Ardith Goodwin, is a guest on the upcoming season of Make It Artsy and she demonstrated what a fantastic painting surface it is.  I came home from the filming and ordered a roll.  I immediately lopped off a big piece and created this painting: 

I'm hooked! It's a substrate that takes a serious beating and keeps on ticking.  It's inexpensive.  It comes in HUGE rolls.  I am a happy camper!  Here are some details from the painting I created:


And here it is, hanging by my back door:

It looks like fabric!  And actually, it makes me want to make a quilt in this style.  All those patches of paint could easily be bits and pieces of fabric!  Hmmmmm...!

If you're interested in seeing more Tar Paper Art:

Personally, I'm considering making a Tar Paper journal.  I think it will take a serious beating and be super fun to work in! 

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