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Classes Are Open for Registration

Hooray!  Many of my in-person classes are now open for registration!

Brand NEW classes at WhimSoDoodle in Florida:

March 2, 2018: Purposeful Prints


There is always going to be an unexpected element in the process of gelatin printing, but what if I told you that you absolutely *can* control a great deal more of the process than you think! It's true! In this class I will show you the techniques for  creating purposeful prints, aka prints as finished artwork, not background papers. 

March 3, 2018: The Artful Apron

The apron you wear makes a statement about who you are as an artist! Come to class and learn how to make your own one-of-a-kind wearable, useable, colorful,  and amazing apron! We will stamp, draw, paint, stitch, stencil, splatter, glue, and layer our way towards gorgeous artful aprons!! 

March 4, 2018: Texture + Color


In this one-day workshop you will explore the wonderful artwork you can create with stencils and acrylic texture mediums. Dimensional, colorful, and super exciting - the artwork you create will beg to be touched! Julie will share a variety of techniques in a day of art making that is sure to be extremely fun, surprisingly easy, and full of tips and tricks for bringing your ideas to life! 


A super duper exciting three day workshop packed with BIG art in Syracuse, NY:

March 23-25: The Big Collage Workshop

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BIG COLLAGE is an exciting three-day art workshop  with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  If you have never taken a workshop with Julie, you don't know all the fun you've been missing! Julie's personality and joy for her art will inspire and entertain you.  This is more than just a workshop - it's a experience you will talk about months later!

During this weekend workshop you'll be creating giant mixed media collages! Discover how working large changes your art and opens up exciting possibilities for detail, abstraction, and impact. You’ll work on two pieces simultaneously -- one representational and one abstract.

Day one is all about making unique papers for collage. These authentic and colorful papers will help to make our finished mixed media collages express each of our unique artistic personalities.  Learn how to create a complete palette of collage papers and why that matters.

Day two is all about laying the foundation for your finished artwork. Through a series of fun and easy exercises we’ll eliminate your fear of that giant blank canvas.  Together you’ll experiment with myriad color, pattern and layering techniques.

Day three is all about bringing your dual compositions together. We’ll discuss how to know when you’re done, how to create balance and harmony in your work, how to bring some things out and push other things back, how to embrace your personal style, and even how to talk about your work. 

Find out more!


This Fall I'm heading across the ocean to the UK for a three-day workshop team taught with my friend, Nathalie Kalbach.  The last time I taught in Europe was 2012-ish?  It's pretty rare for me to make it over there to teach, so don't miss out!

November 2, 3, 4: Mixed Media Circus: Whimsical Collage


A thrilling three-day art adventure awaits you! Join Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach for an intensive art-making weekend packed with tips, techniques, ideas, laughter, and excellent instruction. Over the three days we will create our own unique papers, build complex backgrounds, layer collage and paint and collage again, use stamps, use stencils, draw, splatter, scrape, and learn varied art concepts from color mixing to design principles. You will leave the workshop with TWELVE completed mixed media collages and an arsenal of art techniques and ideas that can be used in your art journal, on canvas, and while papercrafting. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to expand your repertoire of techniques! Please join us for Mixed Media Circus: Whimsical Collage.

Find out more here.

Here are the twelve collages I made using the techniques and ideas that we will be sharing in class:

Whew.  That's a lot of super cool classes.  Be sure to sign up early and often!

  • Classes at Whimsodoodle in St. Petersburg, FL (March 2-3)
  • Big Collage (3-day mixed media art extravaganza) in Syracause, NY (March 23-25)
  • TBD Classes in Boston, MA area (April 28-29)
  • TBD Classes in Boston, MA area (October 13-14)
  • Mixed Media Circus: Whimsical Collage (3-days co-teaching with Nathalie Kalbach) outside of Coventry in England (November 2-4)

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Just a reminder that I will be livestreaming TONIGHT (Monday) at 9pm EST on my YouTube channel.  See all the new Balzer Designs stencils in action!  It's FREE and FUN and you might learn something too!