Around Here: March 2018
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Gelatin Printing Magazine "Transfer"

I am a woman obsessed! At one point, I even had two gelatin plates going at the same time:

So what is it I'm obsessed with?  It's this super cool technique where magazine pages resist the ink on the gelatin plate.  It creates a "transfer" that is not backwards!  Birgit Koopsen shared this technique video on the Gelli Arts blog:

I immediately knew that I had to give it a go!  I had mediocre success with a National Geographic Magazine and an ancient Life Magazine.  So, I went out and bought a copy of Vogue.  Things got much better!  Here are a few of the prints, with indications of where the images came from:

I didn't include any of the serious failures -- which just look like plain painted surfaces or kind of grainy black and color painted surfaces, but trust me, I have a stack of them!  I am still working on figuring out how much paint, which paint, how much pressure, etc.  But, I can't stop playing with this idea. I even had to **gasp** clean my gelatin plate so that I had a blank work surface to begin with.  I'm still a little resentful about that, but I'll get over it.  ;)

Have you given this technique a try?

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P.S. I think this crayon rubbing technique is actually based on a similar technique conceit: