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Sketching at the MFA: Sketches vs. Photos (part one)

Klimt & Schiele: Drawn at the MFA

I have just a few photos from the opening of the new exhibit, "Klimt & Schiele: Drawn" at the MFA Boston (Museum of Fine Arts).  From the MFA's website:

Nearly 30 years apart in age, Klimt and Schiele shared a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talent. Yet, their work is decidedly different in appearance and effect: Klimt’s drawings are often delicate, while Schiele’s are frequently bold. Klimt often used these sheets as preparatory designs for paintings, while Schiele considered his drawings to be independent pictures and routinely sold them.

Check it out:

I enjoyed the exhibit, but I also thought it was odd.  Because Klimt's and Schiele's purposes with these drawings was so different, it felt disjointed having them shown together -- working sketches with finished artwork.  I also found myself longing for photos of the finished artworks that these preparatory sketches were working towards.   It's difficult to understand the purpose of the sketch -- and the artist's process -- without comparing the sketch to the finished artwork.

That said, I love the artwork of both Schiele and Klimt, so I'm glad I went.  In case you're not familiar with the work of either or both artists, here are my all time favorite pieces by each:

Klimt, "Hope II":

(Years ago I created a scrapbook page based on this painting!)

Schiele, "Self-Portrait with Physalis":

Sigh.  So much to think about in both of these paintings.

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