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#100daysofArtTweets: Days 1-7

As I mentioned last week, I'm doing The 100 Day Project.  The conceit behind the project is simple: one action every day for 100 days.  My action is #100daysofArtTweets.  I'm posting original art content to twitter every day for 100 days.  Here are days 1-7:

To watch the video (what you see above is just a screenshot) you have to click here.


  • I've followed the same formula every single day: share a photo or video and say something about it.
  • Because I'm involved in creative activity most days, this was not an effortful endeavor -- with the exception of day 7.  I spent most of that day engaged in social activities and then computer work.  So, I ran up to my studio at 11pm and snapped a quick pic of what was sitting on my desk (the paint) and captioned it.  Some effort, but pretty minimal.
  • So how is this different from instagram or facebook which both are essentially the same formula of photo and video? 
    • Ah, now this is the essential issue I'm trying to sort out for myself.
    • For me (and I do think it's different for everyone):
      • Twitter = cocktail party: It's quick conversational bites with links to anything deeper.  A bit of flashy something to grab your attention.  
      • Instagram = mini blog posts: Beautiful images and content rich.  Lots of writing and sharing (in process videos and text). Highly curated with less curated content being placed in the Instagram Stories.
      • Facebook = a bulletin board: notices about classes, events, new videos, and so on.
  • Has there been any change in my use of twitter since starting this project?
    • Yes, I have spent more time in the app reading tweets.
    • Yes, I have found and followed new people.
    • Yes, I have had more interactions with other twitter users (tweeting back and forth at each other).
    • Yes, I have posted more often to twitter -- even beyond my one Art Tweet every day -- than usual.
  • I haven't applied a single photo filter to any of the photos I snapped to share.  In contrast, I rarely share a photo to instagram that hasn't been mucked around with.
  • I think this formula is completely doable but I find it a bit boring -- i.e. it's super similar to what I do on other platforms.  To keep it more interesting for myself, I'm thinking I need to change it up.  Some ideas so far:
    • Since you can easily include links in tweets, make my tweets more useful with links to articles, items to buy, interesting people, etc.
    • I haven't seen them yet, but I'll bet you could do some kind of crafty tutorial within twitter's 1 photo and 280 character limit.  Going to have to try and see.
    • Pick a topic and go after it for 5-10 days in a row so that the tweets all together equal more than any one tweet alone.
  • I'm curious to discover whether this 100 day project of mine is an art exploration project or a social media exploration project?  I originally conceived of it as an art exploration project with a social media aspect that would keep me honest about doing it.  However, reading through these observations, it definitely feels like I'm going more in a social media exploration direction. 

Are you doing the 100 day project?  How is it going for you?

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