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Around Here: April 2018

Hello, friends!  Here's a little bit about life right now:

What are you listening to?

We got an Alexa Amazon Device Thing.  I've been enjoying saying, "Alexa, play jazz music."  I don't know anything about jazz and so I wouldn't know what to choose if I tried to download individual songs. I find it relaxing in the same way classical music is, but more energetic.  I occasionally find myself grooving to it because the beat can be contagious.

What are you wearing?

I'm dressing for the weather I want and not the weather we have!  There have been a few hints of Spring and I am longing for dresses and bare legs and no winter coat!  I bought this dress at Target last week and I wore it on a day that gave me hope that Spring might finally emerge!

What have you bought?

A new tire.  Not something on my wish list, but a necessity after a flat tire.

What are you reading?

I go in phases with blog reading.  I tend to binge read them.  Right now I'm obsessed with Colossal.  The author features all kinds of different artists and it's fascinating!  If you want to lose an hour or two of your life to amazing art, click through!

Here is a really fun animation from that site, by Iulia Voitova:

Who are you, admiring from afar?

I started following wendybrightbill on instagram and I can't stop!  Her feed is packed with floral art awesome explosion and I love every moment of it:

Because I believe in supporting artists, I purchased a piece of hers recently and I can't wait until it arrives!  It's nice to admire work on the internet, but it makes me feel good to know that I'm helping that work continue in a some way.

Where are you going?

  • I am heading to Florida tomorrow for HSN (Home Shopping Network) on Wednesday.  I'll be on in the 2-3pm hour and the 8-9pm hour.  If you buy a ScanNCut, you can also consider attending my October ScanNCut class
  • After Florida, I'm heading to Fall River, MA for a week of classes at Pro Chem.
  • And then it's on to Ohio for two weeks at the Crow Barn.

It's going to be a busy May!!

So, there you have it!  That's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you'd like more behind-the-scenes real life fun, you can always check out my vlog.  I post a new vlog to my YouTube channel every Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by!