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Pysanky Inspired Easter Egg Place Cards

I know that Easter has come and gone, but I wanted to share the eggs I made this year!  I've shared before that I looooove pysanky eggs.  I think they're beyond gorgeous. 

What is pysanky? In the simplest of terms: you dye eggs multiple times adding wax at each layer to preserve the various colors.  If you can't quite visualize it, there's a clear photo step-out post on a Ukranian website here.

Inspired by pysanky but looking for an easier process, I made these pysanky inspired Easter Egg Place Cards...

...for my Passover seder:

I started with a carton of hard boiled eggs and a package of dye cups.

Put the pellets into the cups and then add vinegar and water and you've got dye:

I applied vinyl letters to each of the eggs and threw them into the dye.  After a while, I added new vinyl shapes to each of the eggs and kept throwing them into different dye baths.  Once I had peeled all of the vinyl off, I had a collection of gorgeous eggs!

I am definitely going to play with this idea again because I looooooove how they turned out!  AND they were a big hit at Passover.  Everyone was tickled to get an edible place card!

Thanks for stopping by!