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This & That

Helloooo!  Today I'm sharing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


After many many many months of not sending out a newsletter, I sent out the April newsletter on Tuesday.  Yay!  Here's a screenshot of part of it:

The newsletter has information about upcoming classes, events, notable art project, and this month it has a discount code! (You can subscribe to the newsletter HERE.)


You may have noticed it in the screenshot above, #the100dayproject started on Tuesday (April 3).  After last year's #100daysof15minutebalzerfaces, I swore up and down that I would never do it again.  (Although if you look at bullet #4 on this wrap-up list, I know myself pretty well.)  So, I'm doing it.


What is 100 days of art tweets?  It's exactly what it sounds like.  Here's the deal:

  • I wanted a project that I could sustain while on the road and/or very busy BUT was still 100% art related.
  • While I wanted a simple project, I also wanted a challenge -- to do something I'm not good at.  I don't think the two have to be mutually exclusive.
  • Posting daily to instagram (regardless of the project) can be a hassle.  But, I still wanted to find a way to keep my project public and keep me accountable.
  • I had a light bulb moment.
  • At the current time, I pretty much use my twitter account as a place to: repost my blog, repost my YouTube videos, repost my instagram posts, and occasionally answer questions.  It's like the nexus point for most of what I post on the internet.  BUT, there's little to no original content.
  • So, I decided that I would create original ART content to post to twitter for 100 days!

It's utterly simple: 100 days.  Original art-focused content.  On twitter.


I loved this article on artsy.net about the copyist programs at various museums and I wanted to share it with you.  What a cool program to be a part of!


I'm redoing my website and I'm looking for some testimonials.  Have you taken a class with me -- online or in person?  Are you an avid reader of the blog?  Listener to the podcast?  Watcher of the vlog?  Purchaser of Balzer Designs products?  If there's anything you like about the stuff I do/make/share, I would be thrilled if you'd send an e-mail to balzerdesigns AT gmail.com with a few sentences about what you love/learned and why you're a fan/satisfied customer!  Thank you so much!

Hope you're having a great week!  Catch the latest vlog on my YouTube channel

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