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Phantasmagoria Exhibit at the MFA: Boston

#100daysofArtTweets: Days 20-35

Well, the inevitable happened.  I missed a day.

And so I tweeted twice the next day to make up for it.

But then I missed another day.

And I didn't realize it until I wrote this blog post.

But I survived. 

And I decided to keep going. 

But I still feel a little bit guilty about it -- like I ruined the whole project.  But, did I?

As I mentioned before, I'm doing The 100 Day Project.  The conceit behind the project is simple: one action every day for 100 days.  My action is #100daysofArtTweets.  I'm posting original art content to twitter every day for 100 days. 

Here are days 20-35:


You can watch the video above (it has audio) here.

You can see the emboss/deboss video (above) here.

28-SNCHotelRoomYou can read the article I mention in the tweet above here.


  • I have been vacillating back and forth between, "I ruined it!" and "It's fine!" So, here is the big meta question: Do you have to complete 100 days of the task you set out for The 100 Day Project?  Or is the project more about setting a big goal and keeping at it over a sustained period of time?  I don't know the answer.  I'm still processing.  I'd love to know your opinion.
  • I really like having a place to share thoughts and photos and videos and links that is (a) less curated than instagram, and (b) less well thought out than my blog.  I never really saw the use for twitter, but now I feel like I'm starting to get it.
  • I have the fewest number of followers of any social media platform on twitter.  It feels weird to debut "exclusive" content there, where a video might only get 100 views.
  • Speaking of social media numbers, I haven't noticed an uptick in followers.  It's not why I started this project, but I assumed it would be a side effect.  It's both fascinating/disheartening to realize that putting no effort into twitter and putting lots of effort into twitter results in the exact same thing.  I'll reserve final judgment until day 100.
  • I'm still mostly sharing a photo a day.  I guess that's what I like when other people post, so I'm doing it.  I might try a week of text only and see how that goes.
  • I've noticed that I tend to wait to post until late in the day because I want the tweet to be "the best possible."  That seems silly.  I want to try to just post the first art related thing that comes into my head each day!  Even though I'm thinking of twitter as less curated, it feels like I'm still trying to curate it.  I need to let go of control! Noooo!
  • I'm finding the "have to post every day" interesting.  It's forcing me to focus on what I do each day that is both tweet-worthy and artistic!

Looking forward to seeing what's next in this project!  Thanks for stopping by!