Around Here: May 2018
2018 Balzer Designs Stencils: Part Two

2018 Balzer Designs Stencils: Part One

You may recall that I did a livestream when my new stencil designs came out (You can still watch the recording).  Today I want to share some more tips and ideas on using these stencils. 

Tangled Vine...

...looks great when layered:


You can also use just the leaves as makeyourlifecolourfulheidi has:

Solemn Branch...

TreeofLifeMask-copy a mask -- meaning the color application goes around the branch shape, as you can see here in this piece by arteverydaystudio:

Or here with color -- the orange layer is under the green layer:


Round Flowers...

ThreeRoundFlowers-copy a stencil based on a doodle flower that I draw all the time!

I think it looks really lovely as part of this vintage style piece by sparksgirl241:


Layered Bloom...

Bloom-layered-copy a super cool stencil that takes a moment to understand. 

As the video shows, the little triangles on the stencil are registration marks for lining up the small version of the flower.  

This was was done with colored pencils in addition to paint:


Does Modern Lace...

...look familiar to you?  The design is based on one of the "lace pages" I cut in my art journal.  When I showed that art journal page people kept saying: that would be a great stencil -- and so now it is!


I love seeing it used with silver gesso as an abstract background for this card by Alexandra Stapleton-Smith:


And by Patty on the Crafter's Workshop blog to create a frame:

How clever!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing more ideas with the rest of the stencils from this release.  I hope you'll post photos of what you make with them and hashtag them #balzerdesigns so that I can see them!

Thanks for stopping by!

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