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I recently took a thread painting class with Betsy Habich. Betsy creates beautiful realistic thread painted quilts, like the one below: I love this piece, but I'm not planning to make an entire thread painted quilt. Rather, I came to class wondering how I might incorporate thread painting into the kind of work I enjoy creating. Betsy took us through a series of thread painting exercises, learning the basics of how to fill empty space with thread! This is my sample sheet: And here is my (non-completed) thread painted quilt alongside the original photo (which I took outside of Salvador... Read more →

The ScanNCut engineers are constantly adding new projects and new functions to Canvas Workspace (formerly: ScanNCutCanvas). Have you tried out the "filter" tool (circled in yellow): The filter tool allows you to sort through the hundreds of FREE ScanNCutCanvas projects -- both by terms you type in and by category. Watch the video for the how to: Give the filter a try and find the project you're looking for! I get a lot of my video ideas from questions that people either e-mail me or post online. This next video is the answer to one such question: How do I... Read more →