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Thread Painting with Betsy Habich

I recently took a thread painting class with Betsy Habich

Betsy creates beautiful realistic thread painted quilts, like the one below:

I love this piece, but I'm not planning to make an entire thread painted quilt.  Rather, I came to class wondering how I might incorporate thread painting into the kind of work I enjoy creating.

Betsy took us through a series of thread painting exercises, learning the basics of how to fill empty space with thread!

This is my sample sheet:

And here is my (non-completed) thread painted quilt alongside the original photo (which I took outside of Salvador Dali's home in Spain):

I say it's non completed, but I kind of like the look of only half the quilt being insanely stitched.  I might just slap a binding on this bad boy (or a facing) and call it done!  

If you're interested in learning more about thread painting:

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