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Around Here: July 2018

Hello, friends!  Here's a little bit about life right now:

What are you listening to?

Marissa turned me onto the "Yacht Rock" channel on Spotify.  Perfect background music for happy painting.

What are you wearing?

Summer dresses and a smile!

What have you bought?

This eye mirror insisted on coming home with me from France. 

I think it will fit perfectly into the new house!

What are you reading?

My Mom e-mailed me this wonderful story from The Washington Post about the bond between a man and a crane.

Who are you, admiring from afar?

Jen Hewett.  She's a printmaker and a clothing maker and a stitcher and now has a line of fabric with Cotton + Steel and a book that I want!

So, there you have it!  That's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you'd like more behind-the-scenes real life fun, you can always check out my vlog.  I post a new vlog to my YouTube channel every Wednesday!  This is last week's vlog (this week's vlog will be up on my YouTube channel tomorrow):

Thanks for stopping by!