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If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, there is a short introduction here.  All of the previous posts can be found archived here.  Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day!  No need to finish anything or even like it. If you've done some art journaling this week, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek.  Even if you're not on social media, you can see everything (from twitter, pinterest, instagram, and facebook) that uses that hashtag here. 

I think that the reason I've been so slow to share these pages (from way back in February) is that I don't like them very much.  

I struggle with the balance between being 100% honest with you and protecting myself by not posting work I don't like.  But I know that only showing success can be toxic and make other people have unrealistic expectations of themselves. 

So, here are a whole bunch of pages that I don't really like.  But that's okay.  Every page I *don't* like has something that I *do* like.  I choose to focus on those parts, build on those parts, and leave the rest behind!

For each of these pages I'm sharing a bit about what I like and what I don't -- this process of analyzing your own work is deeply important, in my opinion.  It's what leads to improvement.

I like this scalloped edge.  I always like non-square pages.

I think I like the idea of these collaged bits more than the actual look of them.  I basically cleaned up my desk by gluing all my leftover bits to this page.  But they're not cohesive and it all looks really messy.

I do not like her face.  The shadowing and shading isn't logical.  I also think the hair color is wrong -- it blends with the face color too much.  I do like the red line I drew around the figure.

I do like this messy tulip pattern very much.

Another messy collage of papers.  I do like the Thermofax print (black printing) in the center, but it just all looks messy.

Analysis: When creating this page I went out of my way to let all that collaged garbage stay -- instead of painting over it.  I think that was a mistake.  Proof to myself, once again, that sometimes you have to be brave and cover up what you think is cool in order to get to something really cool.  Also: hair and skin that match are a mistake (in life and art).

I had some leftover molding paste and so I tiled this spread using my Flower Tangle stencil.

I like the overall pattern.  I don't like the molding paste in my art journal -- just impossible to write over.  I don't like the colors I chose -- too many colors.  I also think that I gave up before I got the colors "right" (a.k.a. to my liking).

Analysis: Keep going until you like it!  If you don't like it, it's not done.  If I were to do it again, I would limit the palette.  I think you lose the beautiful pattern in too many colors.  Simple black and white would be great.

I loooove these tags.  I don't love this whole spread, but the tags are great.

I like this cut page, but I don't like how it doesn't stand out. I wish I had painted it black or something that would really stand out.

More art leftovers.  This heart is a leftover from another project.  It features my Writer's Block Art Foamie.

Here's a method for sewing in your art journal: sew on a separate piece of paper and then glue it into your journal!

I like these colors and I like the uneven page edge.

Analysis: I think my dislike for this spread comes down to a lack of cohesiveness.  I like all the elements -- for the most part -- as individual pieces, but they don't meld together.  Something for me to work on: doing a better job at melding things together.

These are the back endpapers for my journal:

I looooove this big hand carved stamp.  I find the background a bit busy, but the stamp is fab!

The uneven page edge is still great.  It makes me happy.

Lots of great odds and ends, but again they don't hang together.  Nevertheless, I love that scribbled tag and I love the hand carved and printed flowers.

Analysis: Not to sound like a broken record, but there is a real lack of cohesiveness here.  I am not always good at providing "white space" or resting space and I need to work on that.

And finally, here is the back of the journal:

No complaints on this one.  I like it!

So there you have it!  A peek into my brain and how I handle those pages I don't love.  I don't get down on myself.  I don't let it stop me from creating.  Instead, I try to analyze why I'm unhappy with the page and form a concrete lesson to take away for the future!

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