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Around Here: September

Hello, friends!  Here's a little bit about life right now:

What are you listening to?

My current favorite podcast is "Stuff You Should Know."  I just listened to an hour on patents.  It should have been boring, but I was fascinated.  Hosts Chuck and Josh dive deep on stuff that we all sort of know about but really ought to have a stronger working knowledge about.

What are you wearing?

Black on black on black.  It's my favorite color to wear.  It mixes and matches and allows you to wear obnoxious earrings.  ;)

What have you bought?

Can we talk about something that I haven't bought yet, but I've been shopping for?

I'm trying to figure out the flooring in my future studio space (the attic of our new house).  I'm thinking this hardy laminate from Home Depot is the way to go, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience/advice?  From what I've read, it's supposed to take a beating and clean up easily.

What are you reading?

I'm heading back through Jane Austen -- a ritual I take on every decade or so.  I'm always amazed that I can be surprised by books I've read a million times before.  The truth of the matter is that I know the plots inside out but depending on where I am in my life, different details strike me each time I read the books.  

Who are you, admiring from afar?

Susana McDonnell aka linocaveprints. Her carving and printing on yards and yards of fabric is fabulous geometric perfection. I swoon over her work and I think you will too:


So much yummy geometry.  So impressive!

So, there you have it!  That's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you'd like more behind-the-scenes real life fun, you can always check out my vlog.  I post a new vlog to my YouTube channel every Wednesday!  This is the most recent vlog:

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I will be hosting a Facebook Live event on my Facebook page tomorrow (Wednesday, September 26) from 1-1:30pm EST all about the **new** ScanNCut.  If you've got questions, I've (hopefully) got answers!