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Canvas 43: I Still Believe in America

As prolific as I am, I find it shocking that I'm only up to canvas #43 in this 100 canvas project of mine.  I guess I do a lot of work in my art journal and on other surfaces?  In any case, I really like this new piece:

This painting has a kind of simplicity that I really love.  It doesn't feel overworked or poked at. 

I don't often name my pieces, but after I finished this one, the name just hit me in the face: I Still Believe in America.  I think it's the red and white-ish stripes in the background -- very flag-like.

Today is voting day here in America.  I can think of no better day to post this painting and to say: go out and vote.  It's your right.  It's your choice. Your vote makes a difference. 

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