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#CarveDecember 2018 Days 1& 2

A Landscape Painting

I'm not really a landscape person.  I barely stop in front of most landscape paintings when wandering through a museum.  I rarely ooh and aah over landscape work I see online.  I've never even considered purchasing a landscape.  And yet, I have now painted a landscape, which I love.

Here it is taped to my painting wall:

And now, on the drying rack, with the tape removed:

Things I like about this landscape:

  • The gestural feeling -- you can really see those brush strokes.
  • The monumental nature of the landscape.  (Marsden Hartley is one of my favorite painters and his landscapes make me swoon!)
  • It's abstract and yet not.
  • The looseness I see in it.
  • The color palette.

After not paying much attention to landscapes over the years, I think I might be willing to adjust my attention.  I would definitely like to play with this kind of gestural abstract landscape painting more.

Here's to trying something new!

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