Adventures in Arting Podcast: 2018 in Review
Best of 2018: Art Journal Pages

Best of 2018: Painting, Food, and More

For the next few days I'm going to be sharing a series of "best of 2018" posts:

  • Best of 2018: Painting, Food, and More
  • Best of 2018: Art Journal Pages
  • Best of 2018: ScanNCut and Stamping
  • Best of 2018: Blog Posts

To compile these posts, I've read back through an entire year's worth of blog posts and picked my personal favorites to highlight.  Enjoy!

Painting -- I really did a pathetic amount of painting this year.  I hadn't realized how few pieces I completed until I starter looking through the year's archives.  Hopefully there will more painting in 2019.  But in the meantime, enjoy these ones:

WithMe-forscale-wmGiant Tar Paper Face

IStillBelieveinAmerica-wmI Still Believe in America

Landscape-wmA Landscape Painting

On the other hand, this was a banner year for decorative baking.  In the food category:

AllCookies-angled-wmHalloween Sugar Cookies

Purple-Orange-wmCupcakes for Halloween

Falala-wmMini Gingerbread Houses

Bitten-wmScreenprinted Cookies

And in the miscellaneous category:

ModernQuilt-wmMy Modern Quilt

Rpocket-wmMy Traveler's Notebook

DrawersOut-wmPainted Dresser

Thanks for stopping by!  More to come!