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Big Stitch Quilting

Have you ever heard of Big Stitch Quilting?  Someone on instagram saw a quilt that I'm in the midst of working on and suggested I google "Big Stitch Quilting" and so I did!

image from www.flickr.comsource

It's a hand quilting technique that uses big stitches and there are lots of tutorials (and here) all over the internet.  There are books, online classes, and entire websites dedicated to the topic.  I have to say, I've done lots of Big Stitch Quilting before, but I didn't realize it had a name.

I love the way the big stitches look:







Back in 2017 I took a class with Frances Holliday Alford (and blogged about it here).  She uses a lot of this "Big Stitch Quilting" in her work -- although she never referred to it that way.

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com
And the little quilt I made in her class had some Big Stitch Quilting too...

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com
...which I just referred to as "Big Fat Embroidery Stitches" at the time.

Back in 2011, I worked on some small intensely stitched quilt pieces, like this one:

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com
I even taught a class at The City Quilter in New York City on how to make this kind of quilt!  I think it falls under the "Big Stitch Quilting" header, don't you?

This is a kind of stitching that I love doing and have done for years.  I'm delighted to have a name for it.

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