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Here are the holiday cards I gave to my friends and family this year (I had to wait until after they had gotten them in order to share them with you): The front of the card features two doves raised up on foam adhesive and my handwriting cut from paper. The inside of the card features a "pop up" Christmas ornament. And I always stamp the back of my cards to ensure the recipients know that they're hand made! Those are stamps I carved ages ago and they have been very useful to me. I also gave a few 100%... Read more →

Let me preface this post by saying it's close to impossible to take photos of photographs behind glass on the wall in a museum. Nonetheless, I tried. Last week I visited the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston twice. Once by myself and once with my family. Here are a few photos from the exhibit -- which mixes Ansel Adams' work with lots of work by other photographers -- before him, contemporary to him, and after him -- who deal with similar photo subjects: As I wandered through the exhibit I had that famous... Read more →

Happy 2019! For our final wrap-up post, I thought I'd share the the posts you may want to bookmark and save. They're the posts with life advice, art advice, and deep(ish) thoughts. In re-reading some of them I found myself surprised and inspired all over again -- perfect for beginning a new year of art making! 5 Tips for Finding Your Art Journal Style Feel the Fear Sketching at the MFA: Sketches vs. Photos (part one and part two) Inspiration Abounds: Scroll down to read the tips on using photos for art inspiration. 5 Lessons from the Crow Barn What... Read more →