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Making Faces with Melissa Averinos: part two

Making Faces with Melissa Averinos: part one

Last Fall I took a class from Melissa Averinos (She's in the center of the photo below, holding a corner of her quilt).  

The class was all about how to create a face using fabric.  Here are some of the faces the other students created:

Some very cool faces -- especially for a classroom full of people who had never tried to draw a face before.

And now I must confess: I was bored. I was very bored in class and feeling like maybe it was a waste of time.  We were covering basics that I know extremely well.  And then I decided it was up to me to change my attitude.  Sure, I already knew face proportions and how to cut pieces of fabric into collage shapes, but I could still learn something, couldn't I?  And so I decided that it was up to me to challenge myself to work outside of my comfort zone.  And so I did.

I made four fabric collages and, as you can see, with each one (from top to bottom) I took more risks.  I tried more weird or bad choices. I pushed my color choices. I played with proportion and reality.  I had fun.  And I learned some things.  Yay!

Of course, these are meant to be quilts, so I took them home to sew...

...and you'll have to come back tomorrow to see how they turned out!

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