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Bob Burridge: 6 Words to Get Started

This weekend I watched this YouTube video from artist and instructor, Bob Burridge:

I looove this idea.  Sitting in front of my computer in my office, I grabbed for scrap paper and pen so that I could play along.

These little sketches were so compelling to me that I knew I had to take them up into the studio and explore a little bit more.  Here's what I did with the immigration sketch in my art journal:

I kept the palette very limited with just four tubes of paint: white, black, blue, and red.  The yellow you see is because this is a junque journal and had some yellow paint in it when I started.  I like working with a limited palette because it forces me to focus on value.  Here is this spread in black and white:

Good news!  It still works in black and white! 

Here are some of the details:

I'm excited to see how I can develop the other sketches and/or push this little painting even further in its next iteration!

I like this technique for generating ideas soooo much that I am going to put together a sketchbook dedicated to this process of idea sparking.  I hope you find it as exciting as I do!

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