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When Creative Block Strikes

Last Minute Memorial Day Crafts

Today is Memorial Day in the USA.  It's a day to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.  There are often parades and barbecues to mark the day.  I'm sure you'll agree that any get together requires a certain amount of crafting.  I have three super easy crafty ideas for you that shouldn't take more than an hour to pull together from supplies you already have on hand.  Perfect for last minute patriotic crafting:

American Flag Mason Jars:

Fantastic simple centerpiece for a lovely table.  Find the instructions here.  You probably have the paint and jars sitting around right now!

Tin Can Luminaries

Time to go rifling through the recycling bin!  Find the instruction here.  To make them super safe, use an LED candle inside instead of real fire.

Patriotic String Art

Okay, so this particular pattern might take you more than an hour (instructions are here), but you can also go super simple:

Grab a board, some nails, and some string!  Instructions can be found here.

Joe Rotella and I made some string art on season 2 of Make It Artsy, and it's a really relaxing craft.  Check it out:

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