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Cleveland Museum of Art: Part One

More Composed Prints!

Lately I'm obsessed with monoprinting!  I've been creating lots and lots of Composed Prints.

I created this one right after I made all those paper stencils:

Understandably, it is therefore packed with stenciling!  I'm a more-is-more kind of girl, so I like this kind of vibrating pulsating image packed with color and shape.

For my next attempt, I decided to break my own rules.  Originally, I had decided that these pieces had to be 100% just monoprinting.  But I decided to scribble all over this one:

I haven't decided whether I like the scribbling or not.  Going to have to think about it.

And finally, I decided to try some restraint.  Unusual for me.

I think I love this one the most.  I might try a bit more restraint in the future!

If you'd like to learn about creating these Composed Prints, check out my upcoming in-person class on the subject.

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