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Around Here: June 2019

Target Tube Paints: Hand Made Modern

I was in the Target craft aisle last week (big surprise) and I discovered that they have released some heavy bodied tube paints under their house brand, "Hand Made Modern." 

I previously reviewed their craft paints (not a big fan) in June 2016.  Keeping an open mind, I decided to buy a few tubes of this new paint and give it a test drive.  I videotaped my experiments:

And here are some of the experiments from the video:

(The stencils I used are called Number Scramble and Tangled Vine.)

You know there's a lot of brown in this color mixing chart, but I think the brown is quite attractive.  There are several nice skin tones and definitely a few browns that make the other colors pop.  

And here is the brand comparison:

Overall, good value for the price (about $3.99/tube at my Target).  Not my favorite paints (mostly because of the smell), but nice bright colors and totally comparable to other craft brands.

Have you tried out these Hand Made Modern Heavy Bodied Acrylic Paints from Target?  What did you think?