Art Journal Every Day: August into September 2018
Truro Historical Society Highland House

Fabric Tray

I want to show you what I made out of my original piece of hand printed black and white floral fabric!

After cutting off some pieces to overdye, I was left with a 12x12 square.  I couldn't figure out what it was big enough for.  And then I found a cute project on CanvasWorkspace:

I figured that I could make mine out of fabric instead of felt and it would jut be a little bit floppier.  No biggie.  I followed the instructions in the pdf and I love how my little tray turned out!

I used some hand painted fabric on the inside as well as now I have this tray that feels 100% me!  In fact, I filled it with napkins and put it on the table that I painted, next to a plant pot that I made in pottery class...kind of a Julie-style overload!

I love it! 

Some things I might try with my next tray (and there will be a next one because this was such a quick and easy project):

  • Adding stabilizer between the layers to make it even more rigid.
  • One side as fabric and one side as felt (or cork fabric).
  • Making it out of paper.
  • Adding decorative stitching to the edges.

Because this is a collapsible tray, it feels like it would be a good thing to bring along to a hotel room to corral all that loose stuff that accumulates.  Or maybe to an art class to hold supplies?  How would you use a tray like this?

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I will be demonstrating sewing machines and sergers on HSN tomorrow during the 10am and 6pm hours.  You can watch the demos online or on your TV!