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Floral Printed Fabric

So you may recall that I carved a block only to discover it had a flaw:

After much thought, I decided to ignore the flaw and just love the stamp.  So, I took it for a printing test drive!  Here's a video of the printing process:

You can see that I printed on top of a white commercial fabric that has white polka dots.  I like experimenting with print-on-print. I was also vaguely thinking that once the ink dries I might try overdyeing the fabric to see if the polka dots resist the dye...!

Here's a peek at the printed fabric drying:

To print on fabric I use block printing ink for fabric and a soft printing surface.  The ink takes 24-48 to dry depending on the climate you live in.  Otherwise, it's the same as printing on paper!

Here's the fabric:

I love how it turned out and I don't think that you see the flaw at all.  I’m excited to experiment with different colors of ink and maybe print the block on the diagonal?  And we will have to see about that overdyeing too!

Thanks for stopping by!