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June YouTube Members Livestream Recap

Sue left a lovely comment about June's livestream for YouTube Channel members on yesterday's blog post and I wanted to share it:

"Just an aside: loved the live stream the other day. I blocked it out time-wise and nobody in the house dared to interrupt while I was watching. It was really fun. Steve was so nice and welcoming...you’re a great team. Looking forward to the next one. I’ll be trying to think of some questions for you....you can talk about so many different subjects...it’s super!"

This livestream was packed with techniques and ideas and so I thought I'd share a bit about what we covered in our hour together:

I did a demo on drawing faces -- both pleasing and absurd:

These weird pieces of paper are the remnants from a bookbinding demo:

There was lots of talk about where to find inspiration for stencils and paper cuts and then I demonstrated cutting out a stencil by hand:

There was even a demo of how I do fabric collage:

We also covered the equipment I use to film videos as well as a quick ScanNCut tutorial!  Whew.  It was a power packed hour of art making.

Past livestreams (like this one) are available to members as soon as they join.  You also get access to community posts where you can leave your questions and/or requests for demos each month.  It's just $4.99 -- the price of a fancy drink from Starbucks -- per month.

Thanks for stopping by!