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Overdying My Printed Fabric

As you may recall, I carved a stamp and printed a piece of fabric with that stamp. The fabric had white circles printed on it.

You can't really see the circles with all that busy pattern on top.  In my original blog post about the fabric, I wondered what overdying would do to those circles.  And so I decided to try it out. This is the back of the fabric:

I used four different products for my testing:

And here's the front of the fabric:

The Marabu spray has mica or some kind of shimmer-y powder in it.  That powder ended up sort of masking/obscuring the printing on the fabric:

The Tulip Spray and the DecoArts Paint both look great and the dots do pop!

My personal favorite is the Ranger spray because of its super rich color and almost stark white dots:

I love overdying as an option to transform either a plain piece of hand printed fabric, or even a commercial fabric!  I hope you'll see what you have in your stash that can be used to play with overdying!

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