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An Update on our Home Renovation

I figured that it might be time for a home renovation update!  Here is a video walk through I put together:

I filmed this video a week ago.  So much more has already gone on at the house and I wanted to share a few photos!

Renovating a house means getting excited about boring things no one else cares about, like towel rings and hooks going up in the bathroom:

We changed out the tile on this fireplace.  Here's a before and after. (The before is a photo taken by the realtor, clearly designed to make the wood look much lighter than it is in real life.  We did not change the color at all.)

This tile is the coolest ever.  Each color is a separate tile, so they whole thing has to be put together like a quilt.  The tiler and I did a practice run a few weeks ago:

He did an awesome job jig sawing it all together! 

And in further tile news, the kitchen tile has gone in!

Finally, we found out this week that it looks like we will be able to move in around November 1.  Baby is due at the end of November, so it will be great to be in the house before he arrives!  Fantastic news!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into this ginormous project.  Thanks for stopping by!