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Highfield Hall and Patrick Dougherty Stickwork

I recently stopped by Highfield Hall in Falmouth, MA. It's an historic home, which unfortunately was denuded many years ago when it went up for sale and the contents of the home were auctioned off.  That bad fortune has been somewhat reversed as it has been turned into a museum and event venue. 

Outside on the lawn was a Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Sculpture and it was magnificent!

Inside the house was a series of fiber exhibits.

Including this seriously spectacular "quilt."

There were also some photorealistic drawings (under glass and so they didn't photograph well) and a small collection of collected leaves:

And while the house has been largely denuded, there were still fireplaces and stained glass and one very giant mirror to admire.

All in all, a great place to spend a few hours.  I wish it hadn't been quite so boiling hot.  The grounds are extensive and look like a lovely place to go for a long walk, but we just weren't up to it in the heat.  Next time!

Thanks for stopping by!