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A Tale of Two Stamps

I've been working on designing my Baby Shower invitations!   A fun task for any mom-to-be and most definitely for an artist!  I decided that I wanted to carve a stamp for the invitations.  And so, I drew out a sketch, carved the stamp...

...and then realized it wasn't going to work.  Two reasons why:

  1. This image makes it seem like I'm having twins -- which I'm not.
  2. There's a scratch in the block, which shows up in the prints.

The flaw in the block is less of an issue.  The fact that it looks like I'm having twins is more of an issue.

Regardless, I decided to try again.  I thought about re-carving the block with an altered design?  But instead I decided to completely change direction.  This is what I came up with:

And I think it's a winner.  It's not quite as whimsical as my first design, but I think it will be great for the invitations!

Thanks for stopping by!