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Artistic Serendipity

On Friday night, I got an idea -- one of those ideas that's like a gnat that won't stop buzzing in your ear.  Buzz buzz buzz!  I just *had* to drop everything and chase that idea!  I started cutting up fabric and piecing it back together in strips and blocks of all kinds. 

Saturday morning I got out of bed and asked myself, "Should I do the work that I ought to do or should I continue last night's experiments?"  Well, as you can guess, that was a short conversation with myself.  Of course, I wanted to continue cutting and sewing and chasing that darn idea.

I was so pleased with my progress that I snapped a photo of the bits and bobs up on my design wall in my studio before I left the house.

And then I walked into the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) and stumbled into a room of paintings by Helga Roht Poznanski that made me do a double take.

(These watercolor pieces were behind glass, so there are some weird reflections in these photos.)

Magical artistic serendipity, right?  These watercolor paintings are so much of what was buzzing around in my brain.  I feel like I was meant to see this exhibit on this day!  I literally could not stop smiling as I walked through this particular gallery.

Have you ever had a moment of magical artistic serendipity?  It's so exhilarating!

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