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Doodled Planters on Make It Artsy TV

Hey you guys!  Remember that epic dresser re-do I did last year?

A lot of people thought that the floral pattern was stenciled.  But, it was not.  I hand painted every inch of that dresser, including the edges of the drawers!

So many people asked me about the pattern that I decided to put together a quick tutorial for season 6 of Make It Artsy.  Instead of a dresser (which would have been awkward to bring on the plane and far too time consuming) I used succulent pots!

They're super cute and very easy to make.  You can watch the video for the how to:

I'm using the Pen-Touch Gold by Sakura, which comes in multiple tip sizes.  And the succulents are really good looking fakes that even I can't kill with my black thumb!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  Thanks for stopping by!