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Project Life Update

Yes, I still scrapbook!  It's a much smaller part of my art life than it used to be, but I still looove looking through albums full of photos and journaling.  Today I thought I'd share a peek into my current "Project Life" or pocket scrapbooking album.  I have a few "rules" that I have kept to for the 7+ years I've been doing "Project Life."  Here they are in practice:

Nothing has to match or coordinate.  I don't design "pages," I simply go pocket by pocket.

My albums are part digital and part "real."

In the image above, the number "4" is a dimensional sticker and I hand wrote the date in the date box.  Everything else is digital and was printed out as a single image. 

Can you tell what's "real" and what's digital in the photo below:

"Date Night" and "Celebrate" are stickers, as is "go and live your dreams." Plus there's an actual cork star added as an embellishment.  Just as I like to fool the eye in my paintings, I enjoy doing it in my pocket scrapbooking albums!

Photos are not sacred.  Write on them.  Put stickers on them!

I use a lot of screenshots to capture portions of my digital life -- texts, apps, etc.


I like for every single day of the week to be represented somehow, so when I don't have a photo, I will often look through my phone for other digital footprints from that day!

Just because there isn't a photo or a screenshot, doesn't mean an event can't be recorded.

In the photo above, I used a pie chart and some journaling to talk about some new ideas going on in my work life.  In the photo below, I'm sharing a bit about a Game Night we had with friends.  No photos, but it's still represented in my memories.

Same thing with the dinner talked about below and the diverted flight:

When I have extra "memory stuff," I like to use a page protector or two to include it in my album:

Or sometimes I simply take a photo of the ephemera instead:

You will forget people's names.  Label, label, label.

Same with restaurants or favorite locations:

My album is unapologetically about me and from my perspective.  My feelings. 

My face. 

My art projects.

I don't feel like I need to be the official memory keeper for anyone else.

My scrapbooks feature tons of non-pretty photos -- little snapshots of every day life:

Some weeks I have soooooo many photos that I can't fit even a quarter of them into a two-page spread.  Other weeks, I'm a bit thin on photos and need to use fillers:

Both the Marimekko and Tomato cards were created digitally to take up an extra pocket.

I still love looking through my pocket scrapbooks.  It's amazing what printing out a few photos and organizing them can do!  This is a project that I hope to be able to keep up with after baby.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by!