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Art Journal Every Day: A New Journal for January 2019

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope you have a spooktacular day!  We have done zero decorating for Halloween this year because we're still unpacking, but here are some pumpkins Steve and I painted back in 2016:

image from
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I'm usually 100% against anything fake, but I've been thinking that I might buy some *gasp* fake pumpkins and paint them.  That way I'd have them year after year instead of having to re-do it every that sacrilege?  I'm going to have to think about that.  We will see if the after-Halloween sales offer any great deals on fake pumpkins!

In the meantime, I've got a big bowl of candy and I'm ready for the trick or treaters!  And if they don't come, I've still got a big bowl of candy.  So, win-win!!

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